…Because I was born a girl IWD 2021 Music Video


“Doors were closed, ceilings felt heavy, questions were not asked, opportunities were lost – a million battles have been fought because I was born a girl” – ‘…Because I Was Born A Girl’ This lyrical extract from The Last Folk Singers anthemic single ‘…Because I Was Born A Girl’ from her 2020 debut EP Living In A World Of Silence, unfortunately represents a shared gender experience and has resonated with females across generations who too have suffered injustice on the equality scale for too long.
For International Women’s Day 2021, we a have made a music video in aid of gender equality. We hope to bring awareness to current obstacles that women face today in order to grow the momentum of what is now the fourth wave of feminism. There has been significant ground lost within this area with disarming language that tells us we no longer need feminism.
We would like to, with your help, make up for this lost ground by sharing our stories together. Please share on social media and lets finish what the suffragettes started over 100 years ago.

Behind the scenes footage from the shoot