Merit CamilleDelaquise

The best person for the job – a question of merit

October 18, 2018 

Merit – claim to commendation; excellence; worth. Something that entitles to reward of commendation, a commendable quality, act, etc (Macquarie dictionary fifth edition). When the question of quotas are referenced to ensure the equal representation and opportunity of women in various industry departments it quickly turns into a discussion of merit. The question of merit is validated around the narrative of finding the best person for the job regardless of gender. This is then received more widely as the reasonable approach as we make it about the merit of the person regardless of gender, or so it is believed.
A catalyst for a weak economy Camille Barr

The catalyst for a weak economy

August 26, 2019 

Consequences of devaluing our welfare system. There are far reaching ramifications to the economy by keeping “Newstart” at unbearably low levels. Firstly, we must note that this monstrous assault on the unemployed together with, the economy at large began in 1994.

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How a constitutional monarchy is a chain around democracy

September 10, 2018 

In making this statement I believe language plays an important role in determining which direction would provide the most suitable structure for the Australia of the future. Which is what led me to first look up the dictionary definitions for Monarchy and Democracy because as the two current structural ideals of governance that Australia currently identifies with.
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Why reading legislation isn’t boring

September 3, 2018 

There is often talk about wanting to change the system or that a certain component within the system is broken and must be fixed. However, when you look at the original premise of a particular Act it may actually be sound in its objectives. Where it can go wrong is in the implementation or amendment stages. Also, if you are unaware of the legislation then it makes it easier for governments to disregard the intent of the objectives. As the majority always holds the balance of power, many distractions are employed to make sure they don’t take it upon themselves to be informed.
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Inflation, Wage Stagnation & A Housing Crisis – Capitalism in full swing

August 27, 2018 


efore anything else it is fundamental that we look at the nature of how inflation and deflation operate. Stay with me don’t hit the snooze button just yet, I will get there as painlessly as possible.

When someone is talking about inflation and deflation they are talking about the “exchange value of money” (Varoufakis 2017, 142), in reality this means “its relative abundance or scarcity” (Varoufakis 2017, 143) or in my understanding lots of money circulating or very little money circulating.

Typewriter Poetry Camille Barr

A definition of poetry – the art of being concise

August 14, 2018 

There is no doubt that poetry is a form of creative expression through a rhythmic arrangement of words, but what else does it give us? And how does it manage to resonate so well with an audience?
Poetry does not just capture an audience because of the harmonious structuring of verses it also carries a message. It tells a story that evokes emotion, giving the audience a profound experience that is felt as the words build the picture in your mind.


Correnti Incrociate - Cover

Correnti Incrociate

May 29, 2021 

So honoured to have 3 poems included in this amazing project! Wildflower, What would you say if you knew? & Eradication of absurd wealth. ITALIAN STUDENTS TAKE LITERARY TRANSLATION TO A NEW LEVEL English-language poetry transformed in the hands of postgraduate students at the University of Salerno



Blossoming again - Single release

August 25, 2021 

Blossoming again is a story about reflecting on the status quo and challenging it. Letting go of this notion of a perfection, always striving to keep up, this pressure often leads to escapism. But what if we refuse to conform to these rigid stereotypes, what if different isn’t defective and what if success cannot be reduced to one simple formula. Like in the music industry that has somehow constructed this formula that means music belongs only to youth. How ridiculous really, I mean our stories surpass youth so then must music as a storytelling tool.
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…Because I was born a girl IWD 2021 Music Video

March 9, 2021 

Doors were closed, ceilings felt heavy, questions were not asked, opportunities were lost – a million battles have been fought because I was born a girl – ‘…Because I Was Born A Girl’ This lyrical extract from The Last Folk Singers anthemic single ‘…Because I Was Born A Girl’ from her 2020 debut EP Living In A World Of Silence, unfortunately represents a shared gender experience and has resonated with females across generations who too have suffered injustice on the equality scale for too long.
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…Because I was born a girl – Release

November 21, 2019 

It is the challenging of a system that limits human potential and holds us all captive to a past system that is long overdue for change. I view the dismantling of this system as having as many benefits for men as women for that should be the point of equality. What this song is about then is bringing into the general consciousness the fact that our societies are still predominately organised within the *realm of a patriarchal system of doing things.
Camille Barr - A little gypsy song

A little gypsy song – release

September 18, 2019 

Alittle about this song, it came about as I was writing my second book of poetry and decided to turn some of my poems into lyrics (a natural enough progression) The music came to be as I dared to explore a hidden desire. The production by Sefi Carmel came as a dream, one that even my wild imagination could not of conjured up. But here it is A little gypsy song, Where poetry became music and music gave me the freedom to dream.



Surf Coast Times - Household name opens up about directing new music video

March 25, 2021 

Torquay-based poet, songwriter, storyteller and dreamer, Camille Barr, better known by her stage name Camille Delaquise, has teamed up with Nicky Buckley to create a new music video which focuses on gender equality.
a photograph of Nicky Buckley directing Keira-Lily Barr

Geelong Advertiser - Nicky Buckley: Sale of the Century star directs music video

March 10, 2021 

Great write up in the Geelong Advertiser about Nicky Buckley and …Because I was born a girl music video.

Hi FI Way interview

December 20, 2020 

The project headed by poet and songwriter Camille Barr sees her seamlessly blend her two worlds of artistic expression to capture the kaleidoscope world where exploration is key to understanding the depth of existence. Sitting upon a delicate piano bed with curtains of strings draped around it, Barr creates ballads that underscore deeper political, sociological and environmental messages
Scenestr Interview - Camille Barr

Scenestr Interview

November 25 , 2020 

Angelic Celtic folk, alternative chamber music, and indie pop with strong hints of medieval hues anchor The Last Folk Singer in a folk-soundscape that twinkles and bursts forth with an almost fairytale charm. At other junctures, haunting pianos and fierce vocals carry ‘Living In A World Of Silence’ into dark, foreboding territory that is strangely alluring.
Camille Barr - Forte magazine

Forte Magazine

October 7, 2020 

Forte magazine recently did this little write up about me!
Messed up magazine - Camille Barr

Messed Up Magazine

October 7, 2020 

Arecent addition to the Australian music industry, Camille delaquise is the musical manifestation of poet Camille Barr. Shifting shores from the glorious beaches of Byron Bay to the world class surf of Torquay, Camille reflects her earthy landscape, digging into the whimsical waves of sound.
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Green Left Weekly – Winter is near

January 23, 2020 

Green left weekly published my poem Winter is near, from my new poetry book RISE,
Beat Magazine Camille Delaquise

Beat Magazine - Camille Barr

September 19, 2019 

Thanks to Beat Magazine for this little write up.
Green left weekly - Camille Barr

Poem: About that bird that sings

June 18, 2019 

Green left weekly recently published by poem About that bird that sings, which I dedicate to all the whistle-blowers who have given up so much for our freedom.
Poem published by Camille Barr

Indaily – The beauty that is found

June 14, 2019 

Indaily Adelaide’s independent news published my poem “The beauty that is found”

Julian Assange – Poetry: A battle over truth

June 14, 2019 

Green left weekly recently published my piece & poem about Julian Assange. “This is a battle over truth and freedom of the press. But the debate has been shifted to focus solely on one man, because it is much easier to vilify a man than freedom and democracy. Freedom will be plucked from our hands if we debate it on the merits of one man…
Poetry: a battle over truth

Green Left Weekly – Watch your language

June 14, 2019 

Green Left weekly recently published this piece and poem I wrote after the election result in Australia. “ This election win for the Establishment is the expected result that comes from “manufacturing consent” through the use of propaganda in some covert media campaigns.



8ccc Radio - Chat

November 21, 2019 

Iwill be having a chat with Andy from 8ccc Brekky Show Alice Springs & Tennant Creek

Festival City Adelaide Radio Chat

November 21, 2021

Iwill be on the Festival City radio program at 2pm having a chat about my new single Blossoming again.
RTR FM Studio 1 2

RTRFM - Interview

September 30, 2021 

Iwill be having a quick chat with Bec from RTRFM 92.1 in Perth about my new single Blossoming again.

No apologies - 4zzz Brisbane

November 21, 2019 

Had so much fun chatting with the girls from No apologies on Brisbane radio 4zzz.
A photograph of Camille Barr taken by Melina Lindinger

RTRFM Perth Radio

November 21, 2019 

Irecently had the pleasure of chatting with Emily Green from RTRFM in Perth about my poetry & music
Camille Barr Australian Poet

Pulse 947 Geelong

November 13, 2019 

Ihad the pleasure of talking with Kylie and Chris on KickArts 947 the pulse in Geelong about my music and poetry.
3crRadio Camille Barr

3cr Melbourne

October 10, 2019 

Iwill be on Melbourne radio station 3cr this morning talking about my new book RISE with Brendan Bonsack tune in to listen.